Friday, 28 November 2014
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>>Microscope >>Spectrophotometer (espectrofotómetro) >>PH & Conductivity Meter >>Abbe Refractometer >>Autoclave & Sterilizer >>Balance & Moisture Analyzer >>Biological Safety Cabinet >>Cell (Cuvette) >>Centrifuge >>Colorimeter >>Distillation Apparatus---New! >>Flame Photometer >>Freeze Dryer Machine >>Fume Hood >>Gas Chromatograph >>Hand Held Refractometer >>Hemoglobinometer, Hemocytometer & Colonometer >>Laminar Flow Cabinet >>Melting point machine >>Mixer, Stirrer & Shaker >>Microtome >>Muffle Furnace >>Oven & Incubator >>Photometer, Colorimeter & others >>Pipette >>Plastic Consumable >>Polarimeter >>Sample Concentration >>Tissue Embedding >>Titrator, Ion Meter & D.O.ANALYZER >>Ultrasonic Homogenizer >>Viscometer >>Vacuum Blood Tube >>Vacuum Pump & accessories >>Water Bath,Oil &Dry Bath >>Kjeldahl Analyzer & Graphite Digester >>Microwave Digestor System >>Calorimeter >>Ultrasonic Cleaner >>Freezer >>Ice Maker >>Fat Analyzer
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Our News:
------Our new website is using. Post On Nov.17, 2014
------Our new company title is Ningbo Hinotek Instrument Co.,Ltd. Post On Nov.17, 2014
1. Upgrade J-2 (use LED) Post On Nov.24, 2014
1. Added Pulse vacuum Sterilizer  Post On July.31, 2014
2. Updated NLCD-307B to LCD Microscope. Post On July.4, 2014
3. Update the Freezer items. Post On May.14, 2014 
4. Added Pad Camera for Microscope. Post On April.10, 2014                                                   
5. Update Catalog and add many new products, please download it. Post On Dec.31, 2013
6. Made-In-China Instrument customer satisfiaction rate TOP 3: A650 Refractometer , P850A, JPSJ-605 D.O Meter.
7. Update Consumable Plastic, please download it.. Post On Nov.27, 2013
8. Update freezer, please download it.. Post On Nov.26, 2013
9. Update Viscometer. Post On Jul.31, 2013
10. Update Graphite Digester Post On Jul.30, 2013
11. We are promoting the ph meter, spectrophotometer, Muffle Furnace... ... these price is lower than before. Post On June.6, 2013
12. Added Hand held Colorimeter, Kjeldahl Analyzer Microwave Digestor System Ultrasonic Homogenizer, Freeze Dryer Machine... ... Post On June.5, 2013

About Hinotek

    Ningbo Hinotek Instrument Co., Ltd is a professional laboratory equipment supplies in Ningbo, China, our company register in Ningbo High Technology Zone (SGS certificated)  . Our mother company is HINOTEK GROUP LIMITED, our logistic company is ZHEJIANG NEW CENTURY INT'L LOGISTIC CO.'LTD. 

Our mission is supplies high quality lab equipment to world wide country at reasonable price, for promote worldwide medical treatment, education, and health's development.

1) Continues develop new products and apply new technology to meet Customer requirement.

2) Supply high quality products, assign special QC members to tracing the product in every step of manufacture procedure, supply products in accordance with customer specifications.

3) Timely shipping and reliable transportation

4) Ongoing personal support services for our customers. supply good after service. Customer feedback is always an important guideline in our work.


The products of Ningbo Hinotek Technology Co.,Ltd mainly cover:

Microscope and microscope accessories;

Laboratory equipments, including Micropipette, Spectrophotometer, cell, Refractometer, Polarimeter, Abbe refractometer, Melting point machine, Centrifuge, Drying Oven & Lab incubator, Distillation Apparatus, Mixer & magnetic stirrer, Ordinary autoclave, PH Meters,Acidometer & Conductivity Meter, Glassware & Lab Porcelain, Plastic Consumables, Water Bath, Hemoglobinometer, Glossmeter, Viscometer, Colonometer.


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