BYDP-450A/BYDP-900A Labware Drying and Preservation Cabinet

Designed to provide long-term dry and clean preservation for labware for 24 hours * 365 days.
Integrated design saves space for scientific laboratories and reduces the burden on scientific researchers.

* Save time and effor: After washing, the glasslabware is dried directly and preserved for a long time, which saves the process waiting for drying and the process of transferring after drying.
* Worry-free: The utility model avoids the secondary washing and drying for falling ash, moisture or pollution caused by long-term preservation of labware.
* Save spac: The new Labware Drying and Preservation Cabinet integrates the functions of drying and preservation, the design is rational, and it occupies a small area.

Working Principl:
The external diffusion rate of water is increased by increasing the flow rate of medium (air) and reducing the water vapor concentration around the medium (air), and the heat transfer rate is increased by heating to achieve the purpose of long-term drying and preservation of glass labware.

Working Mode:
Conventional mode: The instrument automatically enters the conventional mode after startup, and the air supply system of the instrument continuously provides high-speed clean
airflow for the internal preservation space 24 hours a day in the conventional mode.
Acceleration mode: Set the temperature (room temperature ~ 60℃) and heating time (1~99 hours), and automatically enter the conventional mode after heating.

Product Advantage:
1. Drying while preserving
The new Labware Drying and Preservation Cabinet integrates the functions of drying and preserva-tion, the design is rational, and it occupies a small area.
2. Ceramic heater heating
The new Labware Drying and Preservation Cabinet uses low-power ceramic heating element for heating, which is safe, energy-saving, fast and efficient, with a temperature range of room temperature ~ 60 °C. It is suitable for all glassware (including glassware with scales), without leakage and self-combustion risk, with long service life, low energy consumption, and supports long-term work.
3 Multi-type shelf design
The space between the shelves is adjustable, and the space utilization rate is high. It is equipped with a variety of shelves, including storage baskets and mesh plates (3cm, 5cm, 7cm and 10cm), suitable for storing glassware of various sizes and shapes.
4. Designed for drying labware
This product is designed to dry all kinds of labware, the temperature is up to 60°C, and it is not used to dry experimental samples. It’s necessary to use appropriate machine to avoid cross contamina-
5. Dust-proof design
Adopt fully tempered transparent glass door and strong magnetic door seal, and at the same time, the fan continuously supplies air, and the internal space always keeps positive pressure to prevent external dust from entering the internal space, suitable for long-term preservation of glassware.
6. Air purification design
The top cavity is equipped with a replaceable air filter to ensure that the air in the whole cavity and hot air circulation system is clean and does not pollute the preserved labware.


Model BYDP-450A BYDP-900A
Function Labware Drying and preservation Cabinet
Material SUS304 Stainless Steel
Capacity 450L 900L
Temperature Control Mode Interlligent PID
Temperature Setting Range Room Temperature~60°C
Drying Efficiency 500ml Conical Flask, 40°C,  50 Min
Heating Timing 0~99 Hours
Fan Speed 4.8 m/s 6.0 m/s
Fan Power 30W 40W
Heating Power 600W 1200W
Air Filtration Relaceable filter element (Multi materials)
Saftey Protection Low power ceramic heater heating, over temperature protection
Number of inter-layers Up to 8 layers, standard 5 layers Up to 16 layers, standard 10 layers
Internal Dimensions 560*500*1400(mm) 1210*520*1400(mm)
Overall Dimensions 630*520*1800(mm) 1280*560*1830(mm)
Accessoires Storage Baskets and Mesh Plates (3cm, 5cm, 7cm and 10cm)