Why Select Us?

HINOTEK is a trust worthy company, we will solve your problem: 1. Can the provider supply long-term service: -Every month, many distributors and final customers contact with us, and invite us to help them to solve technical problems, or provide accessories. They bought instruments from original Chinese providers, but they can’t provide after-sales service or [...]

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Payment Method

HINOTEK accept Payment term: 1. Bank T/T, Beneficiary: HINTOEK GROUP LIMITED or NINGBO HINOTEK INSTRUMENT CO.,LTD 2. LC: Beneficiary: NINGBO HINOTEK INSTRUMENT CO.,LTD 3. Paypal 4. Western Union 5. Bitcoin

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do we trust your company? -Because of protecting benefit of distributors, we can’t publicize information of our distributors, but our company has established business relationship with distributors from over 150 states in the whole world since establishment. You can search google “customs data hinotek” for our business with many companies. We are the provider [...]

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Our Target

HINOTEK was founded in 2002, we are a professional export company of laboratory instruments in China, and it is specialized in fields of laboratory instrument, medical instruments and consumables, we provide competitive solutions, products and service of laboratory for our distributors and terminal customers, and engaged in promoting industrial level of different states. At present, [...]

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