Why Select Us?

HINOTEK is a trust worthy company, we will solve your problem:

1. Can the provider supply long-term service:
-Every month, many distributors and final customers contact with us, and invite us to help them to solve technical problems, or provide accessories. They bought instruments from original Chinese providers, but they can’t provide after-sales service or don’t like to provide when they need help because they can’t contact with their providers.
-Our solution: We have exported instruments for 16 years, and you can search google “customs data hinotek” for our business with many companies. We continue to provide reference in selection, installation and after-sales service for our distributors for many years, and we can even provide after-sales service and relevant accessories for products ten years ago. Selecting our company, you can provide more and longer service for your customers so as to enhance your reputation, and expand your business.

2. There are so many products in the market, and it is troublesome to select.
-Our solution: We can provide two or three models for customers to select as to each product, and these models have been verified sufficiently in Chinese market. You don’t need to take the adventure of trying new products, which can let you leave stable and reliable image in the minds of your customers, and expand your business.

3.Make round and round inquiry between customers and provides, and spend plenty of time in waiting.
-You must have met the condition when you sent an Email to your provider without any response for several days, but your customer kept urging you. When you called the provider, you couldn’t get them, or they told you that they would call back you later. It will not occur in our company, and we will reply you within 24 hours, and you can find us through different ways such as whatsapp, webchat, Skyp, etc. And we can provide complete price list of products to you, and you can quote your customers for most products on site, which will save your time and energy greatly.

4. Delivery is long and immeasurable
-General speaking, there are no inventory for laboratory products, and production line produce according to orders. You must have met the condition when provider didn’t complete producing tens of days after concluding the contract and payment, and they would reply you that they were producing all the time. Our delivery time for ordinary products are 15 days. As to minority products with long delivery time or busier production time, we will notice customers about progress timely. It is helpful to let you set up faithful image in front of your customers.

We are professional at Lab Instrument! This is why you choose us!