Portable Cell Counter – CytoCube

CytoCube™ cell counter uses intelligent imaging technology and image analysis technology to quickly and accurately detect total cell concentration and cell viability based on the principleof Bright Field and Trypan Blue stain elimination. The cell samples used for detection can only be loaded with our EasyFive counting slide.


One-step Operation:
• It takes only 2s to measure a sample.
• A slide can hold 6 samples.

Accurate and Reliable Cell Counting:
• 5-megapixel color CMOS for image capture
• Corresponding indicator turns on after sample introduction and ensures proper imaging field and data capture.
• Optimized optical path provides excellent image quality.

Excellent User Experience:
• Thorough detection of concentration, viability, diameter and roundness of total cells
• User level management system: Different administrative level permission maintains data confidentiality.
• Multiple formats for exporting data including PDF, EXCEL and JPG to meet different requirements of users.


Cell concentration 1×104– 3×107/mL
Cell diameter range 8-200 µm
Cell viability detection range 0-100%
Sample volume 25 µl
CV value ≤5%
Consumables 6-slot counting slide
Measuring time for a single sample 2s
Samples slots in one slide 6
Weight 1.8kg
Data output USB (USB-powered)
Dimension 255*164*97mm
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