TPY-6A Soil nutrient fast detector


The soil nutrient fast detector can detect five test results of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, pH value, and salinity (conductivity) value, and can be stored and printed on the host. Chinese LCD backlight has time display and storage. The instrument stores the nutrients needed for the growth and development of 73 kinds of crops, and can also

Introduction to the instrument

The soil nutrient detector can quickly detect nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, pH value, and salinity (conductivity) value. The application of this instrument has alleviated the needs of farmers and friends from all over the country for soil testing and formula fertilization, and at the same time, it also provides a reliable basis for fertilizer production enterprises to achieve specialization, systematization, informationization, and data. It is an instrument for soil testing and formula fertilization in the agricultural sector. .

Soil nutrient rapid tester is widely used in agricultural testing centers at all levels, agricultural research institutes, fertilizer production, agricultural resources management, agricultural technology services, planting bases and other fields.


1. The soil nutrient fast detector can detect five test results of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, pH value, and salinity (conductivity) value, which can be stored on the host and printed out by item, and the host stores the data. Chinese LCD backlight.
2. The fast soil nutrient detector has time display and storage. The instrument stores the nutrients required by 73 kinds of crops, and can output fertilization guide formulas, with charging and printing functions, and both AC and DC.
3. No less than 1000 sets of test data can be stored on the host, and the data can be recalled for viewing at any time.
4. The storage and printing content includes: inspection date, inspection time, inspection items, sample content, crop varieties, fertilizer varieties, fertilizer quantity and other related information.
5. You can select fertilizer varieties and crop varieties on the host, enter the target output, and automatically calculate the recommended fertilizer amount.
6. The fertilizer utilization rate can be adjusted arbitrarily on the host. The fertilization adjustment coefficient and crop fertilization parameters can be adjusted arbitrarily according to different regions.
7. The function of bilingual switching between Chinese and English, the large-screen LCD displays Chinese or English, and guides each step of the operation process.
8. There is a look back function during the test, so the product is more convenient and reasonable (with backlight function, it can be used at night).
9. Can set crop varieties, crop yields, fertilizer varieties according to local conditions, and automatically calculate the amount of fertilizer.
10. The tested sample results are automatically transferred to the computer for analysis, summary, and storage. The nutrient content required for the growth and development of 73 kinds of crops is stored in the memory; it can be stored by the computer for data storage, remote sending, and printing, or it can be carried out on the host without the computer. The soil testing formula is printed out by a micro printer, and it can be used for both AC and DC.
11. You can choose to add a soil moisture sensor (optional).

Manage cloud platform functions

1. The top soil nutrient detector comes with its own cloud management platform including a C/S architecture, which can summarize and analyze the data of all portable devices and online devices, and the data will not be backed up. The viewing operation methods include web and mobile terminals (Android system). ).
2. Display the detection time, detection items, absorbance, concentration of each channel; and the corresponding crop type, fertilization type, fertilization plan and other information.
3. Data can be synchronized to the management cloud platform. The data in the platform can be downloaded, analyzed, and printed.
4. The platform supports the addition of multiple devices, supports cloud storage of device data, and provides sufficient capacity for long-term storage.
5. The platform provides report forms such as curves and tables for equipment data, and the data can be exported and imported.
6. The software can be upgraded online.

Technical parameters of soil nutrient measurement

 Stability A value (absorbance) drift less than 0.003 within three minutes
 Repeatability A value (absorbance) is less than 0.005
Linear error less than 3.0%
 Sensitivity red light≥4.5×10-5; blue light≥3.17×10-3
Wavelength range red light 620±4nm; blue light 440±4nm;
 Seismic resistance qualified

Technical parameters for soil pH (pH) measurement

Test range 0~14
Error ±0.5

Technical parameters of soil moisture: 

 Water unit %VWC
Water content test range 0~100%
Accuracy ±3%

Technical parameters of soil salinity (conductivity) measurement

Test range 0.01%~1.00%
Relative error  ±5%
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