YMJ-A/YMJ-B Portable Leaf Area Meter

YMJ-A/YMJ-B Portable Leaf Area Meter


Ø Can test the leaves area without damage
Ø Easy to operate. Be able to test leaf area, average area, length, width perimeter and ratio of length and width
Ø With Micro-computer technology, LCD display

Technical Parameters

Test unit: millimeter, square centimeter
Precision: ±2%
Resolution: 0-01cm²
Measuring Length: ≤1000mm
Measuring Width: ≤160mm
Thickness: ≤8mm
Data capacity: ≥1000Groups

Model Difference

YMJ-AWithout computer interface, only can save and check data on living leaf area meter
YMJ-BRS-232 link with computer by software, you can put the data into computer, and convert data to excel format and print



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