NY-8DA/NY-16DA Pesticide Residue Meter

Model: NY-8DA, NY-16DA

Instrument introduction

Pesticide residue rapid detector is also called pesticide residue detector. It uses enzyme inhibition rate colorimetric method to quickly and accurately detect organophosphorus and carbamate pesticides in fruits, vegetables and other fruit and vegetable products, which can realize rapid on-site detection of vegetable pesticide residues. , To determine whether it exceeds the standard.

Pesticide residue rapid tester is an important testing instrument and technical means in agricultural product safety testing.

Scope of Application

Fruit and vegetable pesticide residue rapid tester can be widely used in product quality supervision and inspection, health and epidemic prevention, environmental protection, business management, vegetable wholesale market, vegetable production base, supermarket, shopping mall, pesticide residue monitoring system and other departments for pesticide residues in vegetables and fruits Quick check.

Principle of Measurement

Under certain conditions, organophosphorus and carbamate pesticides in vegetables can inhibit the normal function of cholinesterase, and the inhibition rate is positively correlated with the concentration of the pesticide. Under normal circumstances, the enzyme catalyzes the hydrolysis of the nerve conduction metabolite (acetylcholine), and the hydrolyzed product reacts with the color reagent to produce a yellow substance. Use a spectrophotometer to measure the change in absorbance at 412 nm with time to calculate the inhibition rate, and pass the inhibition rate It can be judged whether the sample contains residues of organophosphorus or carbamate pesticides.

Functional Characteristics

1. The pesticide residue rapid tester focuses on the detection of pesticide residues in vegetables and fruits such as organophosphorus and carbamates.
2. The test results of pesticide residue rapid tester can be qualitative and quantitative. The qualitative display result is the inhibition rate, and the quantitative display result is mg/kg.
3. 7-inch large LCD backlit display screen, Android system is easy to operate, easy to upgrade, built-in GPS module (built-in, no external antenna), real-time positioning of longitude and latitude, accuracy within 5 meters.
4. Built-in thermal high-speed printer (no need to change the ribbon) can print bar codes, the host screen displays: vegetable name, inhibition rate, pesticide content (quantitative), qualified or not, test date, test unit (can be modified on the host), latitude and longitude, Temperature, humidity, radiation and other parameters.
5. More than 40 vegetable names can be set on the instrument host.
6. The light source self-test is performed when the instrument is turned on, and there is no need to manually adjust the light block.
7. It can store ≥200,000 pieces of detection information, with automatic data saving function, the stored data will not be lost after the power is off, and it has a complete query and statistics function.
8. The response time and the upper limit of the qualified standard can be set on the host.
9. There are 8 measurement channels, which can be measured at the same time or separately, and the host has a built-in micro printer.
10. Use 4G/WIFI wireless method to upload the stored data to the computer (applicable to the automatic long-distance transmission and report data of the township to the competent department);
11. User management: In order to prevent misoperation, the host has a built-in customer management system, and the user can set a user name and password.
12. Data query: according to the inspection date and inspection number, the measurement data can be deleted and stored.
13. Data can be deleted individually, deleted all, printed, positive and negative sorted, sorted by item name, filtered by date and other functions.
14. The host can be connected to environmental sensors, such as air temperature and humidity, dew point, photosynthetic active radiation, etc. The environmental parameters can be connected to the host at the same time or separately, and all measurement data are displayed on the same interface.
15. The instrument has a cloud platform and APP, which can view and manage measurement data in multiple channels.

Manage Cloud Platform Functions:

1. The self-contained instrument cloud management platform includes a C/S architecture, which can summarize and analyze the data of all portable devices and online devices, and data backup is not lost. The viewing operation methods include web pages and mobile phones (Android system).
2. Display the process curve trend of each parameter, display and view the maximum, minimum, and average values, zoom in and zoom out.
3. Data can be uploaded to the management cloud platform. The data in the platform can be downloaded, analyzed, and printed.
4. The platform supports device data storage and provides sufficient capacity for long-term storage.
5. The platform provides report forms such as curves and tables for equipment data, and the data can be exported and imported.
6. The software can be upgraded online.

PC Software Function:

1. It has the coloring warning function of qualified and unqualified.
2. With data statistics, basic information management, data management, data reports, and graphic reports.
3. It can be inquired according to the inspection time period, variety, category, product list, inspection and inspection unit.
4. The software must have the functions of analysis, reading, editing, management, export, query, and printing.

 Technical Parameters

Inhibition rate display and measurement range 0-100%
Pesticide quantitative content measurement range 0-20mg/kg
Transmittance accuracy ≤±1.5%
Transmittance repeatability absorbance (A) ≤ 0.005 (0.5%)
Stability After 20 minutes of warm-up, the transmittance (T) value change caused by the drift of the photocurrent within 3 minutes does not exceed 1.0% (or absorbance (A) value 0.005)
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