YMJ-CHA3 Digital Leaf Area Meter

The intelligent leaf area measurement system is also called a leaf area scanner. The intelligent leaf area measurement instrument consists of a flat panel with embedded software. Using advanced image processing technology, it is a software designed comprehensively according to leaf feature extraction, space transformation, edge detection principle, morphology and other technologies.

Intelligent leaf area measuring instrument hardware features:
Two types of background plate units are available:
The back panel adopts AC power, and high-brightness LED lights, the background panel is clear, and the leaves have no shadow on them, which improves the usability and accuracy of the product.

Features of intelligent leaf area measurement system:
1. The Android system has simple operation, humanized, intelligent, and upgradeable applications.
2. The 11-inch full-color hand touch screen has 13 million pixels. After taking pictures, the software automatically calculates the leaf area and outputs the results.
3. Powerful storage function, comes with 128G memory card.
4. Diversified data viewing: data can be stored, reports can be viewed, and Excel tables can also be exported to a computer or Wi-Fi uploaded to the server. Data statistics, intelligent analysis.
5. With the manual correction function, it can be cut, repaired, and automatically cut petioles to ensure high measurement accuracy.
6. There are three algorithms of general, dark, and light colors to choose from. After taking pictures, you can choose the appropriate algorithm according to the color of the leaves to ensure accuracy.
7. After taking a photo, the system can automatically calculate the area, perimeter, leaf length, leaf width, and the number of wormholes and display them on the same screen.


Hardware technical parameters
Scope of application
green leaves, yellow leaves, red leaves, and other common plant leaves of different sizes
Measuring range
5~1120 square centimeters
Counting accuracy
±3% without backlight, ±2% with backlight;
Handheld technical parameters
Software system
MIUI 12.5 (based on Android 11)
11 inch full-color hand touch screen
Rear camera
13 million
Network interface
Standard charging power supply
Power interface
Standard power supply
Power supply range
Shell material
the acrylic shell, the material is chemically stable and weather resistant
Device size
250*180*1.5 (small), 465*345*8 (large)
Transparent cover size
 481*345*5 (large)
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