YMJ-CH Digital Leaf Area Meter

The intelligent leaf area measurement system is also called a leaf area scanner . The intelligent leaf area measurement instrument consists of a flat panel equipped with embedded software. Using advanced image processing technology, it is a software comprehensively designed based on leaf feature extraction, space conversion, edge detection principles, morphology and other technologies.

ardware features of intelligent leaf area measuring instrument :

1. The Android system has simple operation, humanized, intelligent and upgradeable applications.
2. Optional backlight device, including tablet computer.

Functional characteristics of the intelligent leaf area measurement system:

1. The Android system has simple operation, user-friendly, intelligent and upgradeable applications.
2. A 7-inch full-color touch screen with 8 million pixels, the software automatically calculates the leaf area after taking a picture and outputs the result.
3. The storage function is powerful, with a 16G memory card, which can export data through a computer.
4. Diversified data viewing: data can be stored, reports can be viewed, and Excel tables can also be exported to a computer or WiFi upload to a server. Data statistics, intelligent analysis.
5. With manual correction function, it can cut, repair, and automatically cut the leaf stalk to ensure high accuracy of measurement.
6. There are three types of algorithms: general, dark, and light. After taking a picture, you can select the appropriate algorithm according to the leaf color to ensure accuracy.
7. After taking a picture, the system can automatically calculate the area, perimeter, leaf length, leaf width, disease spots, insect damage, sawtooth area, and number of wormholes and display them on the same screen.
8. The instrument has a cloud platform and APP, which can view management data in multiple channels.
9. Support multi-leaf measurement: put the blades in the effective range, tile without overlap, slide the data interface of the flat end left and right to see the data parameters of each blade.

Manage cloud platform functions:

1. The self-contained instrument cloud management platform includes a C/S architecture, which can summarize and analyze the data of all portable devices and online devices, and data backup is not lost. The viewing operation methods include web pages and mobile phones (Android system).
2. Display the trend of each parameter process curve, display and view the peak value, bottom value, and average value, zoom in and zoom out.
3. Data can be uploaded to the management cloud platform. The data in the platform can be downloaded, analyzed, and printed.
4. The platform supports device data storage and provides sufficient capacity for long-term storage.
5. The platform provides report forms such as curves and tables for equipment data, and the data can be exported and imported.
6. The software can be upgraded online.

technical parameters

Measurement data accuracy: Leaf area: ±2% Circumference: ±4% Leaf length: ±2% Leaf width: ≦1%
Measuring length: 200mm; measuring width: 150mm
Handheld technical parameters:
Software system: Android4.2.2 and above
Size: 8-inch full-color hand touch screen
Rear camera: 13 million
Resolution: 1920*1200
Memory: 16G
Network interface: WiFi/ 4G
Standard charging power supply: DC5V2A

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