TPLQ-2 Soil Sampler Kit

Soil Sampler Kit

Product introduction

The TPLQ-2 soil sampling kit​ contains a full set of soil sampling drill accessories. After assembly, it can be used to drill disturbed soil samples within 1–2 meters or drill 1–2 meters deep holes in soft soil areas.

The soil drill is one of the main tools for collecting soil samples. The reliability, ease of operation and mobility of the soil extractor can not only reduce the workload of soil investigation and improve the efficiency of soil extraction, but also expand the adaptability of soil sampling.

Product principle

The spiral curved blade of the TPLQ-2 soil sampling toolbox makes it easier to take soil, and the soil sample is not easy to fall off. The soil sampling head, the nozzle and the handle are connected by threads, which are convenient and quick to disassemble, and the small size is convenient for outdoor carrying. Can greatly improve the efficiency of soil research.

Functional Characteristics

1. The soil extractor is made of stainless steel 304, which will not pollute the soil samples.
2. The material is hard, and the shape is not easy to be bent or twisted.
3. The spiral blade makes it more convenient, fast and labor-saving to take soil, and reduces labor intensity.
4. 15~20cm of soil can be taken each time.
5. The external surface of the soil extractor is marked with a scale value, and each scale is 100mm, which provides a reference for taking soil samples of different depths.
6. The earth borrowing head and the connecting pipe and the handle are all connected by thread, which does not occupy the volume after disassembly and is convenient for transportation.
7. When the soil moisture data needs to be measured, it can be used as the connecting rod of the soil moisture sensor.
8. The depth of soil borrowing is: 1m, 1.5m, 2m. 

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