Automatic Seed Counter

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SLY-C Automatic Seed Counter


Ø Microcomputer automatic control, have touch key, complete automated operation.
Ø Count speed is adjustable, high accuracy, No noise metal shell, an elegant appearance.
Ø Both round and long seeds are suitable
Ø Automatically adjust the grain of clearance

Technical Specification

Count Range: Small and middle sample: 0.7~4 mm×0.7~12mm
Big sample: 3~10mm×3~12 mm
Count Accuracy: Big and middle sample: 2/1000 small sample:4/1000
Count Speed: ≥1000 /3min (it’s based on level 2, if you want fast you can turn to level 3~7)
Count Capacity: 1~99999
Power: 220V 50HZ
Continous working time: ≥5Hr

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