FS-II Cyclone mill

The FS-II cyclone grinding mill is a commonly used grinding equipment in the laboratory, so it is also called a laboratory grinding mill. It adopts the principle of high-speed cyclone. The sample inlet is slowly added, and the high-speed swirling air generated by the impeller is thrown onto the ring of the grinding chamber. It is hit into powder and sent into the sample collection bottle by the air duct to obtain the required sample.


1. The cyclone mill is suitable for preparing crushed samples in the laboratory. It can efficiently and quickly crush wheat, corn, rice, mung beans, soybeans and other items. The crushed samples meet the pre-processing requirements of aging grain testing and wheat gluten determination.
2. Cyclone grinding mill provides standard powder samples for falling value, gluten parameters, viscosity value and various biochemical indexes.
3. Automatic return air duct reduces sample loss and improves powder extraction rate.
4. Closed touch switch prevents dust pollution and improves reliability.
5. During the crushing process, the content of protein and fat is not lost.

Motor power 370W
Impeller speed 10000 rpm
Average material flow 150 g/min
Crushing fineness 60-100 mesh
Grinding rate  >98%

Principle of Crushing

Cyclone grinding mill is a kind of high-efficiency sample grinding mill that can obtain uniform powder based on the design concept of high-speed impact. It is suitable for a variety of grains, feed, medicinal materials, chemicals, plant leaves, grass and other dry materials. Smashed.

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