TP-JLG-2018 Small size Rice Husker Tester


  • Brown rice rate meets the standard GB5495-2008
  • Engineering plastic material with well-formed, handle-well and running stable
  • Rice sample size can be set as demand. Easy to operate
  • Be able to continuous feed, husk automatically.
  • PU roller, husking without damage, the rate of broken rice is lower
  •  The distance of roller, wind force is adjustable.

Technical Parameters

  •  Husking percentage: 97%-100%
  • 50g sample husking time: 40s
  •  Rice broken rate: <3%
  •  Rotate Speed: 2800r/min
  •  Adjustable spacing of roller: 0~3mm
  •  Collection case capacity for brown rice: 120g
  •  Collection case capacity for brown husk: 60g
  •  Motor power: 120W (AC 220V)
  •  Voltage: 220V
  •  Out shape: 32 x 280 x 16.5cm
  •  Weight:7.5Kg



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