SLY-E Plus High Accuracy Automatic Seed Counter

Product Name: Automatic Seed Counter
Model: SLY -E Plus

•Super-large touch screen design: 7-inch color touch screen, enhance the user’s human-computer interaction experience.
•Adjustable speed of counting disc: with stepless speed regulation function, the speed of counting grains can be adjusted.
•Accurate counting: the discharge channel can be adjusted, only counting the particles of the selected magnitude, avoiding interference such as impurities.
•High-precision weighing: built-in high-precision gravity sensor, can automatically weigh, automatically count grains, and automatically calculate thousand-grain weight.
•Automatic deceleration, more accurate counting: decelerate and count after approaching the set number of seeds to improve the counting accuracy.
•Automatic data recording: the measured data can be automatically recorded and saved, and the historical data can be viewed at any time.
•Data export: support USB data export

Technical specification
Seed length: 0.7~23mm
Counting error: ±2‰
Weighing error: ±0.2g
Vibration noise: ≤70dB
Counting speed: ≥1000 grains/3 minutes (Speed can be adjustable)
Weighing Range: 1~1000.0g

Manufacture: HINOTEK

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