TYS-3N/4N Portable Plant Nutrition Analyzer

TYS-3N/4N Portable Plant Nutrition Analyzer


Ø Be able to save chlorophyll, nitrogen, leaf temperature, and leaf Humidity (4N) at the same time, easy to draw a graph of plant nutrient, leaf temperature etc. Provide for plant precision irrigation and fertilization
Ø Nondestructive test plant quickly, not to affect plant growth
Ø Manual measurement pattern
Ø View past stored data, show three parameters at the same time.
Ø The computer can transfer wired or wireless data so as to manage and analyze.
Ø Easy to store data, directly show stored data. Show low power consumption.

Testing range

Chlorophyll range: 0.0-99.9SPAD
Nitrogen range: 0.0-99.9mg/g
Leaf humidity: 0.0-99.9RH%
Leaf temperature: -10-99.9°C
Testing area: 2mm*2mm
Testing interval: less than 3sec

Testing Accuracy

Chlorophyll accuracy: ±1SPAD
Nitrogen accuracy: ±5%
Leaf humidity accuracy: ±0.5%
Leaf temperature accuracy: ±0.5°C
Stored data capacity: 32KB
Power supply: 4.2 2000mah Recharge Li-ion battery

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