FA/JA-C Automaticity Inside CAL Electric Analyze Balance

FA/JA-C series automatic internally calibrated electronic analytic balance is a new product for user’s easy operation which is self-developed by our company on a basis of FA-B series product promoted.Advanced weight-loading mechanism is addedinside the balance,so taht the balance has function of antomatic built-in weight calibration;service performance and weighing precision are greatly improved.This product is pioneering in the field of domestic balance industry.


● Humanized design,novel design and five-side full-transparent windshield.A new-generation electromagnetic balance weighting sensor guarantees high precision.Application programs such as sutpmatic fault detection,four-point linear calibration and over-load protection.

● The adoption of ultra-large digital intergrated printed circuit board guarantees high product precision.Th adoption of twin-cam mechanism realizes advantafeous funcation of automatic internal calibration which makes product faster and more stable.

● Application programs such as “warming”,”calibrating”and screen saver.

● Ultra-large backlight LCD display brings clearer and more comfortable visual senso to operator.


● Multi functions guaranteee easy and reliable operation,including auto-counting,unit conversion(metric carat,gole ounce,etc,),stablility,full-scale faring,zero-memory,etc

● Built-in automatic ablibration guarantees easier,faster,stable and accurate operation of the balance.

● Bilit-in RS232C output interface guarantees direct connection to external equipement such ascomputer and printer

● Built-in lower weighing hook guarantees convenient use.


ModelWeight RangeReadablePan DimensionN.WOuter DimensionPackag SizeWorking HeightCalibration Method
FA604C0-60g0.1mgΦ90mm6.8kg350×215×340mm480×375×515mm240mmInternally Calibrated
FA1004C0-100g0.1mgΦ90mm6.8kg350×215×340mm480×375×515mm240mmInternally Calibrated
FA1204C0-120g0.1mgΦ90mm6.8kg350×215×340mm480×375×515mm240mmInternally Calibrated
FA1604C0-160g0.1mgΦ90mm6.8kg350×215×340mm480×375×515mm240mmInternally Calibrated
FA2004C0-200g0.1mgΦ90mm6.8kg350×215×340mm480×375×515mm240mmInternally Calibrated
FA2204C0-220g0.1mgΦ90mm6.8kg350×215×340mm480×375×515mm240mmInternally Calibrated
JA1003C0-100g1mgΦ90mm6.8kg350×215×340mm480×375×515mm240mmInternally Calibrated
JA2003C0-200g1mgΦ90mm6.8kg350×215×340mm480×375×515mm240mmInternally Calibrated
JA3003C0-300g1mgΦ90mm6.8kg350×215×340mm480×375×515mm240mmInternally Calibrated
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