LVDV Series Rotary Viscometer

LVDV Series Rotary Viscometer

Main features:
1. Scosity measurement accuracy: each range is automatically calibrated by a computer, with high accuracy and small error;
2. Front-level instrument: the level adjustment is intuitive and convenient.
3. Optional Pt100 temperature probe: wide temperature measurement range, from-20 to 300℃, temperature measurement accuracy of 0.1℃;
4. Optional enhanced ultra-low viscosity adapter ULR / URL PLUS, which can accurately measure the viscosity of 1mPa.S;
5. Select a small amount of sample adapter, SSR / SSR PLUS, and the sample volume measured each time is only 7-11ml;
6. Rich optional accessories: constant temperature bath, constant temperature cup, printer, standard viscosity sample (standard silicone oil), etc.;
7. With automatic scanning, timing measurement and other functions;
8. Automatic prompt function of viscosity measurement and stability.
9. Showing the shear rate and the shear stress.
10. Viscosity unit switching (1Pa.s=1000mPa.s; 1P=100mPa.s; 1cP=1mPa.s);
11. Temperature unit switch: Celsius, F;
12. Connect to the printer and the computer
13. Switching between Chinese and English operating systems

The torque of the gossamer, the shape of the rotor, the size of the rotation speed, and the range of the viscosity measurement are the same as the same viscometer imported, and the measured vis-cosity data is very well comparable with the imported similar instruments.

Widely used in paint, paint, cosmetics, ink, pulp, food, oil products, starch, adhesives, latex, bio-chemical products and other industries. It can also be optional high temperature furnace meas-urement need heating melt samples such as asphalt, hot melt glue, polyethylene wax and other samples.


model LVDV-1 LVDV-2
show liquid crystal display
speed(r/min) 0.3 – 100,  37 RPM 0.1-200,  58 RPM

measuring range

0.6 – 2,000,000 mPa.s 0.3 – 6,000,000  mPa.s
(Below 10, should buy extra ULR)

The lower limit of the actual exact measurement is 1


Sample dosage

1-4 Rotor:300-400ml
18,25,31,34Rotor: 7-11ml;  ULR: 21ml
measurement error ±1%  (Newtonian liquid)
repetitive error ±0.5%  (Newtonian liquid)
Showing the shear response / shear rate standard configuration
Timed function standard configuration
Temperature measurement function Standard temperature probe interface (optional temperature probe is required)
Automatic scanning function Automatically scan and recommend a preferential combination of the rotor and the rotational speed
Maximum measurement range Automatically displays the measurable viscosity range of the selected rotor and speed
Print function Data and curve printable (standard printing interface, printer)
data output interface Two USB interfaces to printer and computer
Thermostatic parts Options (including special thermostatic slot for various viscosity meters, constant temperature cup)
working power supply 110V/60Hz or 220V/50Hz)
outline dimension 300 × 300 × 450 (mm)