WYA-3S/2S ABBE Digital Refractometer

ABBE Digital Refractometer

  • Measurement of refractive index ND of transparent or translucent liquid and solid substances
  • Measurement of the Brix of sugar solution
  • Automatic correction of the effect of temperature on the brix
  • Prism made of hard glass

WYA-3S can measure the refractive index ND and the mass percentage of sucrose, glucose, F42, F55 HFCS (Brix) of transparent, translucent liquid and solid. The dry solid content of fruit juice, vegetables, soft drinks and canned goods. Visual targeting, color LCD touch screen display, friendly human-machine interface, intuitive and easy to understand, measurement data can be saved and traced. Temperature correction can be made by measuring the hammer. The original imported LED light source has a wavelength of 589nm with high stability (long-term accuracy of the instrument can be guaranteed), no temperature rise, small size, low power consumption, high brightness, and long life. The patented optical structure ensures the instrument to improve the measuring accuracy, and the advantages of simple operation and quick targeting are also presented.


Parameters / Model WYA-3S WYA-2S
Measurement range Refractive index ND: 1.30000-1.72000      Brix: 0-100% Refractive index ND: 1.30000-1.72000 Brix: 0-100%
Accuracy Refractive index ND: ± 0.0002                     Brix: 0.1% Refractive index ND: ± 0.0002              Brix: 0.1%
Measuring resolution Refractive index ND: 0.0001                         Brix: 0.1% Refractive index ND: 0.0001                  Brix: 0.1%
Temperature Range (Min. 0.1C) -20-120°C 0-50°C
Display Color touch screen LCD
Interface RS232/USB RS232
Usage temperature range room temperature- 35°C room temperature- 35°C
Weight (gross) 12kg 12kg
Overall Dimension 370mm x 240mm x 470mm 370mm x 240mm x 470mm
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