FA504B Series Electronic Analyze Balance

Weighing Range: 0-50g, Readable Precision: 0.1mg

Product introduction:

FA-B series electronic analyze balance weigh the sample by the electromagnetic gauge transducer, so it has the high precision, and high environment adjustability feature., At the same time having linear calibration, counting, unit converting,. on the base of FA series Technology, change the circuit to the VLSI in 2007, then adding the function of automatic inside weight calibration structure to get better steady, and rapid reaction Installed with RS232C interface inside, the produces can be directly connected to computers and printers etc, this series balance can be used widely in medicine research, school, enterprise and institution units, road build and country defense as the ideal precision measuring instrument.


● Artificial design, originative structure, handsome appearance, New generation of electromagnetic gauge transducer reliably guaranties the precision of the products. With many application programs, such as automatic fault detection, linear four point calibration, overloading protection and so on.

● Large back-lighted LCD makes the operator more comfortable.


● Multip functions guaranteee easy and reliable operation,including auto-counting,unit conversion(metric carat,gole ounce,etc,),stablility,full-scale faring,zero-memory,etc

● Bilit-in RS232C output interface guarantees direct connection to external equipemnt such ascomputer and printer

● Built-in lower weighing hook guarantees convenient use.


Balance body,scale,user manual,quality certification,warranty card,dust guard,cleaning cloth,tweezers and brush.


ModelWeight RangeReadable PrecisionPan DimensionN.WOuter DimensionPackag SizeWorking HeightCalibration Method
FA504B0-50g0.1mgΦ80mm6.8kg350×215×340mm480×375×515mm240mmExternally Calibrated
FA604B0-60g0.1mgΦ80mm6.8kg350×215×340mm480×375×515mm240mmExternally Calibrated
FA1004B0-100g0.1mgΦ80mm6.8kg350×215×340mm480×375×515mm240mmExternally Calibrated
FA1104B0-110g0.1mgΦ80mm6.8kg350×215×340mm480×375×515mm240mmExternally Calibrated
FA1204B0-120g0.1mgΦ80mm6.8kg350×215×340mm480×375×515mm240mmExternally Calibrated
FA1604B0-160g0.1mgΦ80mm6.8kg350×215×340mm480×375×515mm240mmExternally Calibrated
FA2004B0-200g0.1mgΦ80mm6.8kg350×215×340mm480×375×515mm240mmExternally Calibrated
FA2204B0-220g0.1mgΦ80mm6.8kg350×215×340mm480×375×515mm240mmExternally Calibrated
FA2104B0-210g0.1mgΦ80mm6.8kg350×215×340mm480×375×515mm240mmExternally Calibrated
FA2104S0-60g0.1mg/1mgΦ80mm6.8kg350×215×340mm480×375×515mm240mmExternally Calibrated
60-210gExternally Calibrated
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