SC9300 Automatic Pipetting Workstation

Product Features

Accurate and stable:
Decade-proven, high-precision pipetting module for precise pipetting of 1 to 1536 well plates from 0.5 μL to 1000 μL.

Can be equipped with a variety of small function modules for most experimental and liquid handling applications.

Easy to use:
The graphical software is as easy to use as a laptop, just turn it on and start pipetting! And our support team works tirelessly to help you get started and avoid downtime.

Easy to integrate:
The unique open design allows for flexible integration by not only using it alone, but also by connecting other instruments on either side of it.


The basic functions of the SC9300 have been used in many applications, such as tube to plate dispensing, transfer between 1 and 8 well plates, continuous dispensing of liquids, etc. We have learned from understanding how researchers work that the SC9300 has been widely used for reagent addition, single needle picking, gradient dilution, large volume dispensing, ELISA system construction, PCR system construction, sample concentration homogenization, etc. and so on.




Pipetting range


Number of channels

1&8 channels (Customizable)

Volume increment


Pipetting Technology

Air displacement type

Pipetting Precision30uL≤3%


Pipetting Accuracy30uL≤1.5%


Number of board positions

5 board positions (customizable))

Orifice plate specifications

Compatible with most sizes of 96-well plates

Movement accuracy

± 0.1mm

Voltage and power



ZWorks automation software based on Win10 system

Software Interface

USB interface, Ethernet port, RS-232 serial port

Working Environment

5-40℃, relative humidity 10-90%, no condensation