KJ-201BE/KJ-201BX/KJ-201BH Orbital Shaker

Product Overview


◎ Designed for screening and testing of syphilis RPR,TRUST, VDRL, also can be used for mixing of various kinds of petri dish, elisa plates etc.

◎ High performance DC motor, Quiet, Stable and long lifetime.

◎ Digital time and speed set makes the control more accurate, except KJ-201BH.

◎ KJ-201BX, Fixed transparent cover type or Non-cover type available.

◎ LED screen for time and speed display, easy for reading and operation, except KJ-201BH.

◎ Wide voltage design avoids the impact of unstable voltage on the equipment.


Model KJ-201BE KJ-201BX KJ-201BH
Operation method Circling Circling Circling
Circling diameter 20mm / 22mm 20mm / 22mm 20mm / 22mm
Max. Loading 1kg 1kg 1kg
Speed range 40-230rpm 40-230rpm 20-210rpm
Timing range 1~999min 1~999min 0~15min/0~60min
Running mode: Timing/Continuous Timing/Continuous Timing/Continuous
Input voltage(frequency): AC100-240V(50/60Hz) AC100-240V(50/60Hz) AC100-240V(50/60Hz)
Input power: 10W 10W 10W
Working plate size: 302×212mm 280×210 (Common type)
245×167 (With cover)
Protective class: IP21 IP21 IP21
Permissible ambient temperature: 5-50°C 5-50°C 5-50°C
Permissible relative moisture: 80% 80% 80%
Dimensions: 330×320×110mm 330×320×110mm 330×320×110mm
Net. Weight: 4.2Kg 4.5Kg 4.6Kg
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