TP-R420C Intelligent Artificial Climate Chamber

Product Name: Intelligent Artificial Climate Chamber
Model: TP-R420C

It is a biological incubation experimentation instrument, which adopts microcomputer automatic control system, programmable control mode, and intermitting cooling.
By setting the multiple parameters, it is able to mimic a natural environment. It has illumination, temperature-constant day and night shift automatically functioning. It
is able to meet various biological incubation tests.
Our incubator is able to apply to various areas such as seed germinate & breeding, plant group foster and planting, animalcule incubation, breeding of insects and small
animals, anti-oxidation experiment of medicines and environmental experiments of articles; and it is especially applicable for the study of Bioengineering, Medical study,
agricultural, Aquatic, Animal husbandry etc.

1. Stable environment requirements: Imported compressors can achieve temperature fluctuations within ± 0.5 ℃ and humidity fluctuations within ± 5% RH in the incubator, ensuring the stability of the simulated environment in the incubator;
2. Lighting source: Side lighting method is adopted, with three full spectrum LED light panels as the lighting source.
3. Data display: ≥ 7 inch color LCD touch screen, with a screen resolution of up to 1024 * 600.
4. Program setting: Number of programs: 30, program duration: 1-99 segments
5. Inner Door: Equipped with a tempered glass inner door, it allows for panoramic observation of samples inside the incubator without opening the inner door.
6. Humidification function: external ultrasonic humidification method, new humidification channel design, negative pressure design of humidification port, improving humidification effect and humidifier service life;
7. Requirements for defrosting function: The hot air side defrosting method is used to defrost as needed.
8. Grid partition: pull-out design, equipped with 3 layers of movable stainless steel grid, making the heating surface more uniform.
9. Lock: The standard electromagnetic lock design allows users to set passwords according to their needs.
10. Safety protection: equipped with leakage protection plug; Adopting a dual fuse ensures that the faulty circuit is cut off in the event of a short circuit or severe overload, ensuring equipment safety. The heater adopts a silicone waterproof style; Equipped with software and hardware high-temperature protection functions, it automatically cuts off the heating wire for heating during high temperatures, protecting the safety of equipment and experimental samples;
11. Abnormal alarm function: It has sound and light alarms, high temperature alarms, abnormal operation alarms, etc.
12. Power down memory function: If the device is powered on again after an abnormal power outage, it can automatically restore the previous running program to avoid experimental abnormalities caused by unexpected situations;
13. Communication method: Support multiple communication methods such as RJ45, USB, and WiFi.

Temperature range: 0-50°C
Temperature fluctuation: ±0.5°C
Temperature uniformity: ±0.1°C
Humidity range: 50-95%
Humidity fluctuation: ±5%RH
Deviation: ±5%RH
Luminance: 0~22000lux (Light can be customized)
Compressor power: 190W-320W
Compressor delay guard time: 3min
Noise: <70Db
Working mode: continuous operation (compressor intermittent working)
Working environment: temperature 0-40°C, humidity<80%RH; Non-corrosiveness gas
Power: 220±22V, 50±0.5HZ