CS-220 Colorimeter


●   Obtained China Meteorology Accreditation
●   High performance-price ratio Among similar products
●   Both Chinese and English language options
●   Specular component excluded (SCE)
●    Can test powder and colloid
●   PC software for date and statistical management
●   Yellowness and whiteness measurement
●   Multi-point measurement for averaging
●   Large data strong space

Product Overview

High performance-price ratio among international similar products

● Obtained China Metrology Accredition
● Both Chinese and English language options
● Ultra stable performance
● Display precision 0.01
● Repeatability precision ΔE’s standard deviation 0.08
● Can measure whiteness or yellowness
● Measure at multiple spots for average
● Enhancethe measure accuracy through white and black calibration
Professional design, powerful instrument functions
● Human engineering design
● Camera for sample view
● Large data storage space
● Multiple modes of color values
● PC software and data control
● USB and bluetooth for data transmission
● Provides accurate measuring time settings
● Can manually set up L*a*b* value for standard samples

Product Characteristics

Illumination System 8/d(S•fdiffusod  llumination).specular componentexcluded (SCE) StOfage 100 sets of standard samples:up to 100 sets of test sample under each standard sample
Display modes Colorimetric values:L”a’b”.l’C’h,   6E’ab.XYZ. relative   RGB
Color difforenice vaJues:a(L’a’b’),6(l’C’h}.
Whiteness values:Hunter whiteness. Ganz \\’hiteoess              I Yellowness value:YI
MC3S\Jring tin\6 AbOut o.s soconds
Mea$\lrlog llghlsource LEO
nterfacelanguages Ctlnese, Englt.Sh
Power source FourAA1.SV Alkaline battery or nickel -metal hydride batterys; Exe!uslve DCSV adapter
Meas1.Kingcaliber About el>Smm
ti.teas1.Kin9 conditions ClE1o•standard observer; CIE 065 tighl source Port USB2.0,printer
Measuringrange L•:t-100 Weight 550g
Repeatabil ty S!andaid deviation \\’ithin6E’ab 0.08   (condition: measure   the wh tecali>ration board 30 times for average) Size 77•86•210mm
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