SCIENTZ-CF Ultrasonic Bacteria Dispersion Counter

Ultrasonic Bacteria Dispersion Counter

Ultrasonic bacteria dispersion counter is a bacterial solution pretreatment instrument based on the principles of ultrasonic dispersion and photoelectric turbidity detection. The instrument can quickly disperse easily clustered bacteria such as Mycobacterium tuberculosis, and simultaneously measure the turbidity of Mycobacterium tuberculosis, give the volume of sample liquid needed to dilute to the target Mycobacterium turbidity, and count the number of colonies per unit volume. Perform preliminary calculations. The instrument is a good helper in the fields of drug susceptibility testing, drug testing, bacterial sorting, and strain preservation. It can greatly reduce the labor intensity of manual dispersion and dilution of bacterial liquid, improve the efficiency of bacterial liquid processing, and standardize experimental operations. It can be effective Reduce the risk of microbial contamination.


  • High efficiency: ultrasonic dispersion, turbidity detection and dilution volume calculation are completed in one step
  • Simple operation: put in the sample, one-click operation, save 90% operation time
  • Intelligent: Intelligent program control is dispersed evenly, real-time reading to avoid human error
  • High safety: closed experimental environment, reducing the risk of environmental pollution and personnel infection


Ultrasonic transducer power 100W
Ultrasonic transducer frequency 40kHz
Total number of ultrasound 0 ~ 99 seconds can be set
Ultrasound working time 0 ~ 99 seconds can be set
Ultrasound interval time 0 ~ 99 seconds can be set
Max’s turbidity display accuracy 0.01MCF
Max’s turbidity measurement range 0.00 ~ 6.00MCF
Microwave turbidity detection linear range 0.20 ~ 4.00MCF
Cuvette sample cell capacity 1.5 ~ 4ML, step width: 0.01ML
Maxwell Turbidity Calibration Multi-point calibration, up to 6 points
Dilution function Automatic generation of dosing volume
Cuvette Features Fluorine Silicone Gasket
Calibration solution provided by China Academy of Metrology
Storage temperature conditions -20 ~ 50 °C
Working temperature conditions 5 ~ 35 °C
Power-off data saving 50 groups
Power parameter 220V / 50HZ
Maximum power consumption 100W
Instrument net weight 3.9kg
Appearance size L270mm * W292mm * H156mm
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