SB-5200DTD Ultrasonic Cleaner

Ultrasonic Cleaner

Ultrasonic Cleaner is designed to apply a cavitation effect produced in the cleaning liquid by means of ultrasonic waves. It can accelerate dissolution and decomposition of dirty and grease from parts being cleaned and has a perfect cleaning effect on blind hole and interior holes of the container. Being fast in cleaning, efficiency, undamageable on the surface and reducible in labor intensity, it has wide applications in cleaning precision machinery parts, hydraulic parts, pneumatic parts, valve, brake, bearings, bearing scrapers, oil nozzle, oil pump, carburetor , fuel injectors and other electronic components, circuit boards, semiconductor silica wafers, plating, optical lenses, audio heads, polyester filter, chemical fiber spinning nozzle, spinning plates, etc., including laboratories, and other various industries cleaning. There are machines with different functions such as temperature-increasing, power-adjustment, dual-frequency, high-frequency (59K, low noise and suitable for precision cleaning), swept-frequency for users to choose from. On the basis of the international standards IEC60886.61102.61161, the company manufactures series of intelligently automatic ultrasonic cleaning machines and airing cleaning machines, including the following types (desktop type, input type, split, single-slot, dual-slot, multi-slot) All major and key parts are imported, thus making the circuit more excellent, work more reliable, efficiency greater, noise much lower and cleaning more effective


  • Large screen LCD display
  • Display the parameters setting menu
  • Adjustable power :40%-100%
  • 1-999 min total working time setting
  • Equipped with a special stainless steel basket, reduce sound cover
  • The shell and cover are made by stainless steel
  • The equipment controlled by Single-chip controller
  • The lastest working parameters can be stored in
  • memory after power-off
  • Digital setting ultrasonic cleaning time
  • Working time countdown display
  • Display actual temperature of the cleaning tank
  • Temperature setting Range: room temperature–80°C


Model Inner tank (mm)L/W/H volume (L) Frequency (KH) Power (W) Heating power(W) Drainge
SB-3200DTD 300*155*150 6 40 180 400 /
SB-5200DTD 300*240*150 10 40 240 800
SB-5200DTD 300*240*150 10 40 360 800
SB-4200DTD 300*240*200 14.4 40 400 800
SB25-12DTD 500*300*150 22.5 40 500 1000
SB25-12DTD 500*300*150 22.5 40 600 1000
SB-800DTD 500*300*200 30 40 800 1000

Ultrasonic cleaning machine common problems and solutions

Without ultrasound, the power switch indicator lights up and the fan is running normally.

1 Remove the output cable, turn on the power, adjust the power to the maximum, use the multimeter to exchange 1000v gear, measure the voltage of the output terminal, generally about 1000v, if there is voltage, the generator has no problem, plug in the output cable, check the first 5 steps, if there is no voltage, check the next step.

2 Use the multimeter DC 1000V gear to measure the positive and negative ends of the main capacitor or rectifier bridge output. Is there 300v or so? If there is no voltage, check the 4th step. Check the voltage for the next step.

3 use the multimeter AC 20v gear measurement d1 frequency measurement diode should have about 10v, if there is no voltage, replace the IC1 module.

4 Check the power control section to measure whether the power adjustment potentiometer is short-circuited, and replace it. Otherwise check the power, control output resistor r3 should be 240 ohms, 5w resistor is damaged, then replace the resistor.

5 Check whether the ultrasonic vibrator is normal. Use the megohmmeter to measure the insulation resistance at both ends of the vibrator. Generally, it is more than 500k or use the x10k block of the multimeter to measure the resistance at both ends of the vibrator. Generally, the needle will swing slightly and return to the original position. Changing the test leads will have the same effect. If the resistance is too small, it may be a problem with a vibrator, short circuit after damp.

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