Portable Gene Gun


Portable gene is a convenient portable equipment, can be fast direct in situ for cell gene transfer. The system through the helium pressure adjustable, to drive in a small plastic tube wall package has a DNA, RNA, or other biological materials of gold particles, it directly into the cell, make transgenic work become more flexible in terms of operation, simple.

This product is a convenient hand-held devices, which can direct gene transfer rang in situ. The adjustable press of helium drives the metal-powder particles prepacked with DNA, RNA or some other substance in the interior of a small nylon tube into the inside of cells. Compared with other gene delivery systems it has being a safe, convenient, efficient of the advantages. It can be commonly used by cells of different kinds. The help of a small amount of DNA and some other cells, multi-material microcarriers import can jointly be carried out. It is able to transport large pieces of DNA and make the target gene have many cells transferred and eligible for transformation both outside and inside.

It makes the operation of transgenic work become more flexible, simple. Radioactivity Institute of Academy Military Medical Sciences carries out research work with this device and has achieved very good results, As published in “Biotechnology Communications” in 2001 IV was “gene gun-occlusive disease in the rat gene therapy applications.” Another article was published by Shanghai Medical school of  Fudan University “Scandinavian Journal of Immunology,” (2003,58; 350-357): “gene gun-mediated DNA vaccine T Helper2 through immunization against hepatitis B surface antigen with CpG motif oligonucleotide Gly Coinfection changes in T helper 1 immune Helper 2 Immunity to Hepatitis B Surface Antigen Primed by Gene-Gun-Mediated DNA Vaccination can be Shifted Towards T helper 1 Immunity by Codelivery of CpG Motif-Containing Oligodeoxynucleotides etc.


  • Portable, can be flexible for genetically modified (gm) in vitro experiment
  • Low noise, high repeatability, convenient living animals.
  • Others methods could not be completed, with special growth need cell transformation
  • Shooting area is small and uniform particle distribution, can into different sizes of receptor, guarantee the transformation
  • Shooting area is small and uniform particle distribution, can into different sizes of receptor, guarantee the transformation efficiency
  • A simple, rapid and flexible, a variety of cell types
  • Help the instantaneous expression and stable expression
  • Only a small amount of DNA plasmid unlimited
  • Standard Configuration: a special gas valve and hoses, plus sample devices, cutting machine
    Optional to buy: a specially-made nylon tube 50Feet/bag metal Microcarriers(powder)0.8-1.5ìm or 1.5-3.0ìm


  • Animals: any exposure to gene gun outside the tissue (skin and organs) cell, organ, etc.
  • Plants: the field and greenhouse plants explant
  • Yeast, bacteria and other microorganisms
  • Gene expression studies
  • Agricultural biotechnology and crop improvement
  • Plant vaccine
  • Organelles, chloroplasts and mitochondria


Gene gun, special gas pressure reducing valve and hose, sample device, cutting machine, magazine, imported nylon pipe 50 feet 2 package, 2 bottles of gold powders.


Experimental conditions In situ, in vitro, in vivo, from the body
Target region (small)2cm²
Pressure range 0.5-5MPa
Target Type Animals: any organization (skin, organs) exposure to gene gun cells, explant and organ culture Plants: Field and greenhouse use, plant cell culture and explant, yeast, bacteria, other microbes
Voltage 9V(can shooting 1000 times)
Gas Helium or nitrogen
Metal particle Φ0.8-1.5μm
Bombardment way Magazine sample points directly or nylon
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