Scientz-2C Perforator Electric

Perforator Electric

Electricity transformation can be used to putting the DNA into the state of bacteria, animal
and plant cells, yeast cells. Relative chemical method, electric reforming process can obtain
higher efficiency. This method is better than other methods to get repetitive more, easy to
operate and save time, import of high efficiency and has become an indispensable basic
molecular biology technology.
The instrument integration of the whole machine design, simple operation, direct display,
microprocessor control pulse discharge adopts the man-machine dialogue interface, the
operation is simple, intuitive, and refinement of the capacitor and resistor set range, the cell
electroporation experiment under the condition of associated with a wider range of choice.

Along with the rapid development of network technology, Internet technology enables the gene importer to realize network at the same time on the basis of intelligentization, so that the on-site measurement and control parameters are close to the network and have the necessary information processing functions.



  • Integration of the whole machine, simple operation, direct display
  • The microprocessor control of pulse discharge
  • The log storage
  • Unlimited custom program storage Simple operation, short conversion time High conversion efficiency
  • repeat ability

Application Area

  • Electricity conversion of bacteria, yeast and other microorganisms
  • Mammalian cell transfection
  • Cell hybridization, fusion, gene delivery
  • Import the marker gene, tags, instruction
  • Import the function of the specific gene were studied
  • Import drugs and other molecules such as Protel


Model Scientz-2C Resistance 50, 100, 150, 1600, -∞total 30 grades
Pulse form Exponential decay Operating system Microcomputer control
High Output voltage 400-2500V Output waveform With RC time constant of the exponential decay of wave
Low output voltage 50-450V Dimension 36.8*31.6*22.9(cm)
High voltage capacitor 1, 5, 6, 25, 30, 31UF Weight 10.5Kg
Low voltage capacitor 100UF,125UF,150UF…1675UF,one grades of 25UF Packing size 480*420*280mm
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