LTJM-2099 Small rice polishing machine


The small rice polishing machine is also called the inspection rice polishing machine. Its main purpose is to dehull and whiten the clean rice, remove a certain amount of cortex and embryo, and weigh the obtained polished rice. It is suitable for the inspection of rice quality evaluation in grain inspection, scientific research, teaching, production,


1. The small rice polishing machine can complete the whole process of rice hulling and brown rice whitening at one time, which can quickly and truly judge the quality of rice.
2. The rice whitening effect is good, the operation is simple, the working time is short, the dust does not leak, and the appearance is beautiful.
3. The machine head is made of high-tech alloy materials, with long service life, good peeling and whitening effects.
4. With large sampling volume, convenient operation and carrying, it is an equipment for judging rice quality and inspecting yellow grains, disease classes, white belly and imperfect grains.

Working voltage AC220V±10% 50Hz
Test dosage  about 170 grams
Working time default 50 seconds
Shelling rate  ≥99% (varies due to different sample types)
 Power 650W
Net weight 15kg


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