TJSD-750 III/ TJSD-750 IV Soil Compaction Meter

The TJSD-750-II soil compaction speed measuring instrument can directly measure the soil compactness, and can store the data sampled every time during the measurement to the host at any time. The USB interface can be connected to the computer to export the data. The software has storage and printing functions, and can display the location information of the measuring point (longitude and latitude) in time, and can use this positioning data to draw a soil compaction distribution map in the computer.

Main features

1. Wireless communication function: automatically upload measurement data, the device communicates with the server through 2G/4G network, and sends it to the server in real time. You can view the data on the web page. You can view and download the data no matter where you are on the Internet;
2. The soil compaction speed tester includes a mobile APP, supports Android and Apple systems, and can view real-time data no matter where you are, as long as you can access the Internet.
3. Low power consumption design, increase system monitoring and protection measures to avoid system crashes.
4. Chinese liquid crystal display, can display the current date and time, the measurement data of each sensor, storage capacity, the number of stored data, and other information.
5. The host data storage capacity is large: the internal Flash of the device can store nearly 30,000 pieces of data, and the standard 4G memory card can store unlimited storage, and can also store the data in the Flash at the same time.
6. Built-in lithium battery power supply: 7.4V2.8Ah lithium battery, with charging protection, low voltage prompt function. The external power supply is 8.4V (above 1000mA) DC power supply.
7. Collection setting: Use it without guarding, you can set timed collection or manual collection.
8. Voice settings: You can set the voice broadcast function on/off/over-limit on as needed.
9. Voice alarm function: After the host’s voice is set to overrun, the overrun information can be broadcast by voice.
10. The host can connect to different types of sensors through the hub without affecting the accuracy of each other.
11. With GPS positioning function, the geographic coordinates of the collection point can be automatically displayed during data collection.
12. The type and number of expandable sensors are 32 (the extension cable is IP67, and the structure is integrated).

manage cloud platform functions

1. The soil compactness tester comes with its own cloud management platform including C/S architecture, which can summarize and analyze the data of all portable devices and online devices, and data backup is not lost. The viewing operation methods include web and mobile terminals (Android/ Apple systems are available).
2. Display the data collected by each sensor, the detection time, and the GPS coordinate information of the collection location.
3. Data can be uploaded to the management cloud platform via 4G/2G network or USB data cable import. The data in the platform can be downloaded, analyzed, and printed;
4. The platform supports device data storage and provides sufficient capacity for long-term storage.
5. The platform provides report forms such as curves and tables for equipment data, and the data can be exported and imported.
6. The platform can combine data for report making, report printing, and report export functions.
7. The software can be upgraded online.

Technical parameters of soil compactness speed measuring instrument

Measuring range: 0~7922KPa; 0~89kg/cm², 0~890N/cm² (three units can be converted to each other)
Measuring depth:  0~375mm (standard length is 400mm)
Measurement accuracy: ±5%
Recording interval: 5 minutes to 99 hours
Power supply: 7.4V lithium battery power supply
Working current:  standby power consumption 3mA, other power consumption depends on the configuration.







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