MJ-IIIA Double-head Gluten Tester

Double-head Gluten Tester


The MJ-IIIA Gluten tester is a professional instrument for testing gluten content, gluten index and gluten water retention rate in the flour. It’s suitable for wheat flour and entire wheat flour testing. And it’s widely used in food and flour processing department, grain and oil scientific research institution, grain storage department etc.

Technical parameters

  • Agitator rotation speed: 120±2r/min
  • Thin wash mesh size: 80µm (200mesh) metal sieve
  • Thick wash mesh size: 800µm (26mesh) metal sieve
  • Washing liquid flow capacity: 50ml/min~56mL/min
  • Dough mixing time: 1s~59s( digital, adjustable, adjust start from each second)
  • Washing time: 1s~59s; 1min~99mins (digital, adjustable)
  • Centrifugation time: 1s~59s; 1min~99mins (digital, adjustable)
  • Centrifugation speed: 3000 r/min, 6000 r/min±5r/min (adjustable)
  •  Centrifugation  mesh box: Aperture is 500µm
  •  Centrifugation acceleration speed: 2000g
  •  Dryer temperature: 150ºC~200ºC
  • Working voltage: AC220V±5%, 50Hz
  • Working environment: temperature: 0ºC~40ºC RH<80%
  • Shape size and weight: (LxWxH)   / kg
    1) The machine: 400 x 300 x 240mm       13kg
    2) Index Apparatus: 240x240x200mm     4kg
    3) Dryer: 220x220x65mm         1.5kg



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