LDS-1H/LDS-1S Grain Moisture Meter

Grain Moisture Meter


  •  Automatic weighing; Automatic temperature compensation; Automatic moisture test, Automatic power off
  •  Empty machine revises moisture; the newest compensation model; AC/DC
  • Users can calibrate and correct error.

Technical Specification

Test error  ≤+0.5% (main moisture range)
Repetition error  ≤0.2%
Test range 3-35%
Test time ≤10s
Sampling mode Quantity: 150g (except special samples)
Working compensation automatic
Working environment 0-40ºC
Net weight 860g
Working power 4 AA dry batteries
Calibration floating 3 points calibration, unlimited sample
(common varieties have been calibrated in advance, can be tested directly)


Model difference

LDS-1H mainly used for testing the field seeds: rice, beans, wheat, rapeseed, corn, barley, etc.
LDS-1S mainly used for testing the vegetable seeds: tomato, eggplant, Chinese chives, turnip, cow pea, green vegetables, etc.


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