HZF-150 Digital Flour Quality Analyzer


  • Flour-rubbing bowl can be interchangeable, programs can identify bowl type and automatically adjust.
  •  Overload protection function: alarm and shutdown when stirring torque is too large
  •  One-button automatic water system, instead of a hand-press rubber ball, control adding water to burette, labor-saving and high efficiency.
  •  Results saved in Access database, convenient for viewing.
  •  Simultaneously display up to 10 flour quality graphs, convenient for comparing differences.
  •  Multiple-security protection measures: double-button start, stop automatically when opening the cover.
  •  Intelligent programs respond to instrument movement, start drawing graph automatically.
  •  The USB interface, real support hot plug, plug and play
  •  Data is stored as an Access format, can use Microsoft Access, convenient for viewing.

Technical Parameters

Motor power 0.2kw
Power AC220, 50Hz  / AC380V, 50Hz
Computer Connector mode electronic torque sensor
Weight 75Kg (with 300g bowl) /70Kg (with 50g bowl
Accuracy no more than 5% of measuring range
Main doughing cutter rotation speed 63r/min±1r/min
Sub-doughing cutter rotation speed 94.5r/min±1r/min
Coordinate scale ranges horizontal axis: 0—20min,
Vertical axis 0—1000FU
Horizontal axis speed 1:00mm/min
Sample weight 300g (300g bowl) or 50g (50g bowl)
Shape size 95(L) x 53(W) x 62(H) cm


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