LDZH-100L Series

LDZH-100L Series

Vertical Autoclave (Digital)

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LDZH-100L Series Vertical Type Of Pressure Steam Sterilize

Intelligent microcomputer control system:

Using LED digital control system. After sterilization finished, sterilizer will automatic alarm and shut down.

Electric interlock device:

The control system can real time supervision the sterilizer chamber’s temperature and pressure. Only under the safety temperature and pressure can open the sterilizer’s cover. Make sure the operator’s safety.

The structure of cover’s opening:

Using hand wheel rotary type cover to improve sealing and safety performance.

Preset program:

Can preset fixed program that sterilizes and dry solid body.

Memory storage system:

Store the last operation program so convenient next operation.

Interface check:

provide temperature and pressure check interface; convenient to check multiple position temperature measurement.

Digital display screen:

Digital display screen and working indicator light display running state.

Safety Devices: 

Interlock device, overtemperature, and overpressure protecting the system burned protection, safety relief valve, current leakage protector and automatic fault detection.

Print function:

Print the current temperature and sterilization time.


Technical Parameter

Parameter/Model LDZH-100L LDZH-150L LDZH-200L
Configuration Automatic Conrol Automatic Conrol Automatic Conrol
The main material Stainless steel Stainless steel Stainless steel
Volume/GW 100L/160Kg 150L/180Kg 200L/200Kg
Voltage/Power 380V/6Kw 380V/6Kw 380V/6Kw
Packing size ( L X W X H mm) 760 x 780 x 1310 760 x 710 x 1520 750 x 720 x 1690
Sterilization chamber volume ( D X H mm) 500 x 550 500 x 760 500 x 1000
Time setting range 0-99 h 0.99 h 0.99 h
Rated working pressure 0.217MPa 0.217MPa 0.217MPa
Sterilization temperature setting range 50~134°C 50~134°C 50~134°C


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Download Brochure

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