LS-50HV Series Vertical Pulse Vacuum Steam Sterilizer


The vertical pressure steam sterilizers are assembled with heating system, micro-computer controlled system, over heat and over pressure protection system, which are reliable for the sterilizing effects, convenient of operation and energy conservation. They are ideal equipment for clinics, scientific research institutes and other organizations to sterilizer surgical instruments, fabrics, glasses, culture media etc.



  • Microcomputer controlled, digital display of working statues, touch type key.
  • It dynamically shows the temperature, pressure time, vacuum rate and the cycle status.
  • With fully automatically route of the water inlet, pulse vacuum, heating, sterilizing, draining, exhausting and vacuum drying.
  • 3 times pulse vacuum, the vacuum rate would reach – 0.081 mpa after that, which ensure the completely extracting of inner air from the dressing and A,B type hollowed appliance.
  • With 4 fixed programs for the appliance, medical dressing, rubber and fluid, the user also could set the program as they need randomly.
  • Equipped with the PY/TT testing connector, easy for running the testing.
  • Multiple pulse vacuum drying after sterilizing, which ensure the good sterilizing result.
  • Equipped with 0.22µm bacteria filter, it ensure the air which enter the inner vacuumed chamber is sterile, avoid the second time contamination.
  • Hand wheel type for quick -open the door. Self-inflating type seal.
  • Adopted with immersed heating tube, with high heating efficiency.
  • Seam – water inner circulation system: no steam discharge, and the environment for the sterilizing will be clean and dry.
  • Automatically shut off with beep reminding after sterilization.
  • Fully high quality stainless, equipped with double stainless steel baskets.

Technical Data

Chamber Volume50L






Working Pressure0.22Mpa
Working Temperature134℃
Heat average≤±1℃
Adjustment of temp0-134℃
Power3Kw/AC220V.50HZ4.5Kw/AC220V.50HZ4.5Kw/AC220V 50Hz
Overall Dimension690*470*1140mm730*510*1270mm750*550*1305mm
Transport dimension760*550*1290mm820*600*1380mm840*640*1410mm