LDZX-30L/LDZX-50L/LDZX-75L Vertical Autoclave (Digital)-New

LDZX-30L/LDZX-50L/LDZX-75L is upgrade from LDZX-30KBS/LDZX-50KBS/LDZX-75KBS

LDZX-30L/LDZX-50L/LDZX-75L Vertical Autoclave (Digital)-New

1. It use handwheel type spinning sealing structure, and the lid opening method adopts a shift type opening lid, which is convenient to use, safe and reliable.
2. The outer shell is made of temperature-resistant high-quality engineering and stainless steel materials, and the chamber is made of high-quality stainless steel 304.
3. Self-expanding seal ring structure
4. The Control panel use LCD to show graphic and text, operate by picture and text selection, the entire sterilization process is implemented with microcomputer graphic display and automatic control cycle program, and it will automatically stop after the sterilization (alarm).
6. The sterilization process has a dynamic indicator, which is convenient for users to observe the sterilization status.
7. Can set temperature and time by one key, can quickly and clearly make the required selection according to different sterilized items.
8. It has the function of preheating and melting for sterilized items, and can choose time and temperature for the items that need to be dissolved.
9. The USB interface is convenient to connect to the computer to monitor the sterilization process and data collection ( Optional)
10. With the appointment function of sterilization time, it is convenient for users to start on time.
11. Automatic fault detection system.
12. Fully Automatic control system.
13. It has a safety interlock device, and adopts a safety interlock structure of electronic and mechanical interaction to ensure that the cover is automatically locked when there is pressure to avoid misoperation and insecurity.
14. Double protection system of mechanical safety relief valve and electronically controlled overpressure protection device.
15. With water cut protection to prevent dry burning and leakage protection system.
16. Sterilization temperature optional setting range 50℃-126℃
17. Sterilization time adjustable setting range 0-9999min
18. Print function (Optional)

Spec of LDZX-30L/LDZX-50L/LDZX-75L:

ConfigurationAutomatic ControlAutomatic ControlAutomatic Control
The main materialStainless steelStainless steelStainless steel
Instrument Size (LXWXH mm)670X580X1230670X580X1230670X580X1410
Packing size (LXWXH mm)760X650X1270760X650X1270760X650X1500
Sterilization chamber volume (D X H mm)φ 350 x 400φ 350 x 550φ 350 x 700
Time setting range0.99 h0.99 h0.99 h
BasketInner BasketInner BasketInner Basket 3 Pcs
Working pressure0.142MPa0.142MPa0.142MPa
Design Max pressure0.23MPa0.23MPa0.23MPa
Sterilization temperature setting range50~126°C50~126°C50~126°C

Main Parts of LDZX-30L/LDXZ-50L/LDZX-75L autoclave:

Pressure Switch1 Pc
Temperature control probePT1001 Pc
Solid state relay440V 40A1 Pc
Air switch250V 15A1 Pc
Electric heating tube3500W1 Pc
Spring-loaded safety valve0.217-0.24Mpa1 Pc
Drain valve0.25Mpa1 Pc
Pressure gauge0-0.4Mpa1 Pc
Seal ringSilicone1 Pc
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