LS-60SV Series Elevating-type Pulse Vacuum Vertical Autoclave


  • 7” capacitive touch screen, fully automatically controlled, easy to operate on.
  • Elevating type door, which is more convenient to place and fetch the objects from the autoclave
  • The whole procedure from the water inlet, pulse vacuum, heat, sterilizing, water outlet, exhausting to vacuum drying, which are all automatically by one-key operation.
  • Pulse vacuum, the limit is -0.080Mpa, which ensure the sterilizing more completely.
  • Separate steam generator, which is more energy saving by comparing to the normal heating and prevent the sterilizing objects from been oxidized.
  • There are several programs loaded in the autoclaves for different requirement of different objects.
  • With PT-TT Testing port, easy to run the testing.
  • Equipped with Germany SARTORIUS Sterile ventilation filter MIDISART 2000 0.20µM, which ensure the air is sterile, prevent the contamination.
  • Steam-water inner circulation system: no steam discharge, and the environment for sterilizing will be clean and dry.

Technical Data

Chamber Volume60L80L100L120L
The height after rising1310159014751565
Working Pressure0.22Mpa0.22Mpa0.22Mpa0.22Mpa
Working Temperature134℃
Heat average≤±1℃
Timer range0∼99min
Temperature Adjustment of temp105∼134℃
PowerSteam generator : 3Kw, Dry blanket : 2.4 w/AC220V.50HZSteam generator : 3.6Kw, Dry blanket : 2.4 w/AC220V.50HZ
Overall Dimension686*556*913686*556*1035840*600*970840*600*1060
Transport dimension786*656*1013787*656*1135940*610*1000940*610*1075


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