LDZF-30L Series Vertical Pressure Steam Sterilizer

Vertical Autoclave (Digital)

LDZF-30L Series Vertical  Pressure Steam Sterilizer

I. Basic structure
1.The shell case is made of high temperature thermoplastic material with outstanding impact resistance and stainless steel.
2.The pot body of sterilizer is made of food grade stainless steel (304)
3.The lid opening and closing device adopts the lever type multi-link synchronous telescopic structure, which makes the lid and the pot body open and close flexible and light, safe and reliable.

II Control and operation
The console uses the LCD window graphic dynamic display, the function settings are all selected by scrolling graphic  and text, the whole sterilization phase is monitored by micro-computer graphic display and automatic cycle control, and the automatic shutdown is initiated when sterilization phase ends (with an alarm)

III. Function description
1. It has a one-button sterilization function selection, which can make a quick and clear choice based on different items
2. With air-cooled chilling device to ensure that the pot body is quickly cooled at the end of sterilization, thus reducing the time to open the lid.
3. It has the function of preheating and melting of sterilized items and has time and temperature selection for the items to be dissolved.
4. A USB interface is available for the convenience of monitoring process with connection to a computer and of collecting data.
5. Sterilization reservation function is available so that users can start it at a set time.
6. Automatic fault detection and judgement system is in place
7. The full-automatic control model has the function of discharging the low temperature air and exhausting steam when sterilization procedure ends.
8. Add print function. print the current temperature and sterilization time.

IV Safety devices
1. It has a safety interlocking device, structure of which is featured by electronic and mechanical interaction, thus ensuring that it automatically locks the lid when there is pressure in the pot and avoid any danger resulted from improper operations.
2. Double protection system with the mechanical safety relief valve and electronically controlled overvoltage protective device.
3. It has heater anti-drying protection function and leakage protection system.

Technical Parameter

Parameter/model LDZF-30L
Configuration Semi-automatic control Full-automatic control
The main material Stainless steel Stainless steel
Volume/GW 94/98/110Kg(30L/50L/75L/) 97/101/113.5Kg(30L/50L/75L)
Voltage/ Power 220V/ 3.5Kw 220V/3.5Kw
Packing size (L X W X H mm) 780x660x1160 (30L/50L) 780x660x1320  (75L)
Product size (L X W X H mm) 570x630x970 (30L)
570x630x970 (50L)
570 x 630 x 1140 (75L)
Sterilization chamber volume (D X H mm) 370×320 (30L) /370x 500 (50L) 370x 690 (75L)
Basket sized (D X H mm) 335×190 (30L) / 335x 360 (50L) 335×190& 335×360 (75L)
Time setting range 0-99 h 0-99 h
Rated working pressure 0.217Mpa 0.217MPa
Sterilization temperature setting range 50-134°C 50-134°C

Scope of application
This type of products meets the national provisions of pressure vessel designed standard. Our factory has obtained the necessary license of sterilized products and certificate of State Food and Drug Administration, the sterilizer is equipped with interlocking device. The cover is locked when it has pressure in the chamber. No heating after operating mistake. The main part of the national standard for medical operations. It is an ideal product to sterilizing instrument, dressing medicine, glassware, culture medium at the medical health care universities and colleges, biological research, food and chemical industry.

Sterilization principle
Pressure Steam Sterilizer is designed for the use of the heat to kill microorganisms principle. Sterilization principle is to use the principle of gravity displacement of the steam from the top down in the sterilizer, the cool air is discharge from vent, replaced by cold air discharge saturated steam, the use of the latent heat released by steam sterilization to achieve the article. The advantage of using steam heat sterilization method that has strong bacterial effect, which can increase the water content of bacterial protein making it easy to solidification due to heat, the acceleration process dead microorganisms.

Product Standard
Q31/0114000133C002-2015 “Vertical Pressure Steam Sterilizer Simple Pressure Vessels”


1 Hand wheel lid structure 8 Auto exhaust
2. Automatic control of the sterilization cycle program 9.Sterilization temperature setting range (50°C-134°C)
3. Interactive safety interlock device 10. Double scale numerical indication pressure gauge
4. Water supply cut protecting equipment 11. Self inflating type seal
5. Digital window display working status 12. Sterilization end automatic alarm
6. Time setting range  (0-99Hours) 13. Printer (option)
7. The work pressure is 0.217Mpa

Technical parameters

Configuration Auto exhaust Volume/GW 30l/80kG
Power 220V/3.5Kw The main material/ thickness  (mm) stainless steel/2.0
Sterilization chamber  Volume  (mm) Φ370×320 Packing size (mm) 660x610x970

Main parts

NO.                     NAME QTY. NO.                  NAME QTY
1 Pressure controller 1 2 Power switch 1
3. Solid-state relay/440V  40A 1 4 Heater/3.5Kw 1
5. Spring loaded safety valve/0.217-0.24Mpa 1 6 Relief valve/0.25Mpa 1
7. Pressure gauge/1.6 class 1 8 Seal ring 1
9 3/8″Solenoid valve 1 10 Computer board 1
11 Fan/125FZYZ-S 220V 25W 1 12


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