DSX-24L-I Portable Pressure Steam Sterilizer

DSX-24L-I Portable Pressure Steam Sterilizer

Intelligent microcomputer control system
Using LED digital control system; After sterilization finished, sterilizer will automatic alarm and shutdown.

Interlock device:
The control system can real time supervision the sterilizer chamber’s temperature and pressure. Only under the safety temperature and pressure can open the sterilizer’s cover. Make sure the operator’s safety.

The structure of cover’s opening:
Using shift place type of quick open cover to improve sealing and safety performance.

Present program:
Can preset fixed program that sterilized solid body.

Memory storage system:
Store the last operation program so convenient next operation

Digital display screen:
Digital display screen and working indicator light display running state.

Safety devices:
Interlock device, over temperature and over pressure protecting system, burned protection, safety relief valve, current leakage protector and automatic fault detection.


Technical Parameter

Parameter/Model DSX-24L-I DSX-30L-I
Configuration Semi-Automatic control Semi-Automatic Control
Material/ Pot wall thickness (mm) Stainless Steel/2.0 Stainless steel/2.0
Volume/GW 24L/24kg 30L/32 kg
Voltage Power 220V/2kw 220V/2kw
Packing Size (L X W X H mm) 500 x 500 x 800 500 x 500 x 900
Product size (L X W X H mm) 370 x 430 x 730 370 x 430 x 820
Sterilization chamber volume (D X H mm) 280 x 495 280 x 585
Use volume (D X H mm) 269 x 330 269 x 420
Time setting range 0-999min 0-999min
Related working pressure 0.142MPa 0.142MPa
Sterilization temperature setting range 50~126°C 50~126°C

Scope of application
This product meets the relevant provision of national pressure vessel design and manufacture, and the Food and Drug administration made the product registration card and disinfection products health permits, I plant developed a new generation of portable sterilizer, its structure is advance and reliable, having quick and easy operation and fully functional control system, security control, set up a pressure pot cover and automatic locking lid not misuse boost device. This product is refined from high quality stainless steel, medical surgical sterilization indicators have reach the national standard, the medical and health, universities food chemical, biological and other scientific research units of equipment, dressing, liquid, food containers and other media item ideal product sterilization.

Sterilization principle
Pressure Steam Sterilizer is designed for the use of heat to kill microorganisms principle. Sterilization principle is to use the principle of gravity displacement of the steam from the top down in the sterilizer, the cool air is discharge from the vent, replaced by cold air discharge saturated steam, the use of the latent method that has a strong bacterial effect, which can increase the water content of bacterial protein, making it easy to solidification due to heat, the acceleration process dead microorganisms.

Product Standard
Q31 / 0114000133C005-2016 “DSX-280 Portable pressure steam sterilizer


1. Rotary structure of fast openings 8.The work pressure is 0.142Mpa
2. Pressure self-locking device 9.Sterilization temperature setting range (50-126°C)
3. Interactive safety interlock device 10. Intelligent auto-control sterilization cycle
4. Water supply cut protecting equipment 11. Automatic discharge of cold air
5.Self inflating type seal 12. Digital window display working status
6.Electric heating 13. Time setting range (0-999min)
7. Double scale numerical indication pressure gauge 14.Belong to pressure vessel (accord with Supervision Regulation on Safety Technology for Stationary Pressure Vessel request)

Technical parameters

Configuration Automatic control Volume/GW 24L25Kg
Power 220V/2Kw The main material/Thickness (mm) stainless steel/2.0
Sterilization chamber Volume  (mm) Φ280×495 Packing size (mm) 500x500x800

Main parts

NO.               NAME QTY NO.                NAME QTY
1 Heater/2Kw 1 2 Power cord 1
3 Fuse/16A 1 4 Power switch?15A 1
5 Safety valve 1 6 Relief valve 1
7 Pressure gauge 1 8 Seal ring 1
9 Computer board 1 10 Temperature probe 1
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