• The measurement system can be integrated with the variable Brinell hardness testers
  • Suitable to a variety of loads on the Brinell hardness tester
  • Camera: 1.3 megapixel, clear indentation image
  • Manual / automatic measurement of the indentation size
  • Calibration by micrometer or indentation size of standard hardness block
  • The hardness converted to other hardness according to the ASTM
  • The hardness value of statistics and generation the alarm when the hardness value is unmoral
  • Can be used with laptop or desktop computers
  • Simple interface, simple operation, easy to install and use, no need training
  • The test report can be customized and automatically generated, including sample information, the hardness data, statistics, indentation picture
  • The test data can be kept permanently, easy for historical inquiry.

Standard Configuration:

CCD Camera & Adapter: 1,300,000 pixels: 1 pc.
Connecting link: 1 pc.Dongle: 1 pc.
USB containing the software and manuals: 1 pc.

Optional Accessories

Lenovo Computer 1pc.    

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