• This measuring system can be equipped with various kinds of Vickers Hardness Tester to upgrade unit tester to measuring system.
  • The computer controls the hardness tester, such as turret, light illumination adjustment (only can be equipped with HVS- Z series).
  • It is applicable to Micro Vickers and Vickers with max. testing forces to 1, 5, 10, 30, 50Kgf.
  • With clear image, indentation measurement by automatic or manual.
  • Digital X axis movement value can be input into program and generate hardened layer depth distribution curve automatically.
  • Calibration by micrometer or test block, can be automatically calibrated.
  • Hardness conforms to ASTM standard to convert to other hardness scales, with hardness value statistics and sound alarm beyond limitation.
  • Testing report can be customized as per user’s requirement, all the testing data can be saved permanently, easy to check.
  • The image is clear, automatic / manual measurement of the indentation size.
  • The digital sample position, automatically entered into the computer
  • Automatic generation of hardness layer depth profile
  • Calibration using micrometer or hardness block calibration, automatic calibration.
  • Hardness by GB and ASTM converted to other hardness. statistical Hardness Value exceed alarm.
  • Customized test reports, all test data is always saved for easy historical inquiry.
  • The program automatically calculates the hardness profile along the depth and effective case depth
  • X, Y Axis Location Digital Accuracy: 1μm
  • X axis location value can enter into hardness measuring program directly, the program calculate the hardness value along depth distribution curve and effective hardened layer depth automatically.

Standard Configuration:

Camera 1.3M pixel:  1 pc.
Interface tube: 1 pc.
U-disk containing the software and manuals: 1 pc.
Dongle: 1 pc.
Digital X-Y Stage: 1 pc.
Digital accuracy of X & Y axis: 1μm.
The position of X axis can enter into the hardness measuring program directly, and the program can automatically calculate hardness along depth distribution curve and effective hardened layer depth.

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