• This system can match a variety of Vickers hardness testers to upgrade unit hardness tester to computer measuring system.
  • This measuring system can be integrated with the hardness testers HVS- Z series; computer-controlled for auto turret and brightness adjustment etc.
  • Suitable for micro and Vickers hardness tester, the maximum test force can be 1, 5, 10, 30, 50Kg.
  • Image with high resolution and indentation measurement by auto or manual;
  • Digital X-axis value, and automatically enter the program automatically generates the deep layer of hardness distribution curve (optional);
  • Calibration using micrometer or hardness block, can be calibrated automatically;
  • Hardness converted to other hardness scales according to ASTM standard.
  • Statistics for hardness values and alarm for hardness values out of range;
  • Easy to install, use laptops instead of desktop computers;
  • Interface is simple and easy to use without training;
  • Test reports can be customized; all testing data can be saved for long time and easy for historical inquiry.
  • Digital camera with 1280*1080 pixels, 1/2-inch, USB 2.0

Standard Configuration:

Camera 1.3M pixel:  1 pc.
Interface tube: 1 pc.
U-disk containing the software and manuals: 1 pc.
Dongle: 1 pc. 

Optional Accessories 

Digital X-Y Stage: 1 pc.
Digital accuracy of X & Y axis: 1μm.
The position of X axis can enter into the hardness measuring program directly, and the program can automatically calculate hardness along depth distribution curve and effective hardened layer depth.
Lenovo Computer 1 pc.

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