TJD-1300A Multi-functional Seed Clarity Workbench

Instrument introduction:

The multi-functional seed clarity workbench is mainly used for seed cleaning and seed clarity testing. It can perform detailed observation and inspection of seeds, seedlings, plant leaves, colonies, etc., and can analyze and determine rice quality.

Features of the multi-functional seed clarity workbench:

1. The workbench is composed of three parts: a white light projection observation table, a polarized light anti-glare transmission observation table and a magnifying device. The design is more focused on details and more humane.

2. The light on the surface of the clarity workbench adopts dual functions of remote switch control and manual control. The white light, polarized light, and magnifying glass can be controlled separately, and users can combine them according to actual needs.

3. The magnification and lighting device adopts a movable arm stretching design, which can be freely stretched to each position on the table during use, which is convenient for magnification and clear observation.

4. The clarity workbench adopts a cold light source with high brightness and low energy consumption, which avoids the influence of the heat from the light on seeds, seedlings, colonies, test live samples, etc., so as to truly ensure the non-destructive observation of the samples.

5. Transmitted illumination function (can completely filter out the interference of background light source, can perform comprehensive functions such as seed shape evaluation, slice observation, pathological analysis, variety identification, seed germination, seedling growth leaf analysis, colony count, rice quality analysis, etc., and Suitable for taking high-quality photos).

Technical parameters of multi-functional seed clarity workbench:

Worktable size 1300mm×650mm×750mm
Workbench power supply 220V50Hz
Observation table specifications 630mm×500mm
Observation station power 15W
Polarized light platform 270mm×270mm
Polarization lamp power 16W
Magnifier light power 20W
Magnification 5X
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