ATP Bacteria Meter


ATP fluorescence rapid detector can be used for medical systems and the surface of the operator’s hand and other surface cleanliness of special equipment for rapid determination. Can also be used for surface cleanliness determination and microbial growth control. The device uses a chemical reaction to detect ATP, using an ATP swab to collect the specimen.


Fast:Conventional culture method 18-24h above, while ATP only takes ten seconds.
Feasibility:By detecting the ATP content, the number of microorganisms in the reaction can be indirectly obtained.
Operability:The traditional method of cultivation needs to be performed by trained technicians in the laboratory.

Model BKHD-420
Detection Accuracy  5×10-18mol
Coliform Bacteria 1-106cfu
Detection Rang 0 -9999 RLUs
Detection Time 5 seconds
Test Interference ±5% or±5 RLUs
Operating Temperature
5 – 40 ° C
Operating Humidity Range  20-85%
ATP Recovery Rate  90% -110%
Package Size(W*D*H)mm 240x180x100
Net Weight(kg) 0.5
Gross Weight(kg) 0.65


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