AEL-A integrated electric single column testing


Main purpose and scope of application

AEL-AThe integrated testing machine is an integrated testing machine dedicated to testing tension or compression. Replace traditional electric (manual) test machine+The test method of digital display table enhances the accuracy of test and the convenience of operation. It is suitable for the testing of push-pull load, insertion force, destruction test of rubber and plastic, light industrial textile, building doors and windows, composite materials, wire and cable, auto parts, power machinery, scientific research institutions and other industries.


  • 7Inch large screen LCD display;
  • Real-time force value and displacement display;
  • Two measurement modes: real-time/Peak
  • Two working modes: automatic/Manual
  • Man-machine Chinese dialogue is intuitive and clear;
  • There is a continuous increase/Speed ​​reduction function;
  • With emergency stop function.

Second, product model specifications

Type number AEL-A-2 AEL-A-3 AEL-A-5 AEL-A-10 AEL-A-20 AEL-A-30 AEL-A-50 AEL-A-100 AEL-A-200 AEL-A-300 AEL-A-500 AEL-A-1000

MAX negative


2N 3N 5N 10N 20N 30N 50N 100N 200N 300N 500N 1000N
0.2kg 0.3kg 0.5kg 1kg 2kg 3kg 5kg 10kg 20kg 30kg 50kg 100kg
0.45Lb 0.65Lb 1.1Lb 2.2Lb 4.5Lb 6.5Lb 11Lb 22Lb 45Lb 65Lb 110Lb 220Lb

Load points


0.001N 0.01N 0.1N
0.0001kg 0.001kg 0.01kg
0.0001Lb 0.001Lb 0.01Lb
Accuracy ±0.5% ±1%
Effective itinerary 400mm
Test speed 1-300mm / min
Operating Voltage AC: 110V or AC: 220V
Dimensions 290mm * 500mm * 900mm
net weight 37kg


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