ABL Special Test Bench for Peeling Force


ABL-90 ° Peel Force Special Test Bench, specially equipped for NK and HF series push-pull force gauges, can be combined into test machines for different purposes, specially used to test the adhesion of copper foil circuit on PC board or tin foil, aluminum foil, tape . Fastness to the surface of the object. During the test, the sample is peeled off at a vertical angle. To measure the actual intensity.


  • Manual operation, ladder screw drive, simple and stable operation.
  • The rack can be installed on the table (table) to make the rack more stable.


  • Effective stroke: 150mm
  • Maximum load: 500N
  • Length × Width × Height: 350 × 210 × 450 mm
  •  Net weight: 19kg
  •  The effective area of ​​the test area: 105 × 100 mm, up to 105 × 152mm
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