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A laboratory centrifuge is a piece of laboratory equipment, is used for the separation of fluids, gas or liquid, based on density. It is driven by a motor, which spins liquid samples at high speed. There are various types of centrifuges, depending on the size and the sample capacity.

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Recommend Floor Standing High Speed Centrifuge

Model: HR20M

Max Capacity:6x500ml
Max Speed:20000RPM

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Recommended Low Speed Refrigerated Centrifuge

Model: LR6M

Max Capacity:6x1000ml
Max Speed: 6000RPM

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Recommend Tabletop High Speed Centrifuge

Model: HN-T16B

Max Speed:  16000 RPM
Capacity:      12×1.5ml, 12×0.5ml or 8x5ml

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Recommend Tabletop Low Speed Centrifuge

Model: 80-2B

Max Speed: 4000 rpm
Capacity: 12*20ml

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Recommend Mini Centrifuge/Micro Centrifuge

Model: Mini-6K/Mini-7K

Max Speed: 6000rpm/7000rpm
Rotor: 6*1.5ml/2.0ml angle Rotor, 2*8*0.2ml Rotor,Rotor for slide
Rotor: 6*1.5ml/2.0ml angle Rotor, 2*8*0.2ml Rotor

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Recommend Hematocrit Centrifuge

Model: HN-1224 (TGL-12B)

Max. Speed: 12000rpm
Capacity: 24 Pieces Of Capillary

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Table Milk Cream Centrifuge

Model: TLW5

Max Speed: 1500RPM
Centrifugal tube count:  8pcs Gerber fat measurement unit

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Vacuum Centrifugal Concentrator

Model: ZLS-1

Max Capacity: 62×1.5ml
Max Speed: 1500RPM

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Uncap Centrifuge

Model: AUC-5A

Max Speed: 4000 rpm
Max RCF: 4390×g
NO. 1 Swing-out Rator:    96×5/7ml
NO. 2 Swing-out Rator:    100×5/7ml

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ID Card Centrifuge

Model: TD2-12

Capacity: 12 Gel Cards
Speed Range: 800~1800rpm

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Mini-Plate Centrifuge

Model: MPC-P25

Capacity : 2pcs PCR plates with skirt or without skirt/Elisa plates
8×0.2ml PCR strip tubes/0.2ml PCR tubes
Maximum Speed: 2200rpm

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Special Centrifuge

Model: LR5M

LR5M Blood Collection Car Refrigerating Centrifuge
Max Capacity: 24×15 ml
Max speed(r/min): 5500 rpm

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