HN-T16B/HN-T16C Tabletop High Speed Centrifuge

Max Speed:  16000 RPM
Capacity:      12×1.5ml, 12×0.5ml or 8x5ml
Speed Type: Tabletop High Speed Centrifuge
Temp Type: No

High-speed centrifuge is for measuring specific product values of blood cell and separating micro blood and solution. High-quality plastic, microprocessor, high speed and efficient, safety lid lock.

HN-T16B use AC motor.
HN-T16C use DC brushless motor.

LED display
Max Speed:  16000 rpm step less regulation
Capacity:      12×1.5ml, 12×0.5ml or 8x5ml
Max RCF:     17000xg
Timer:           0-30min


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