TGL-16D Tabletop High Speed Centrifuge

TGL-16D is an improvement on TGL-16A. It is possessed of these special feature following: brushless motor, it is beautiful in appearance,large in capacity but small in bulk and has a complete function and a stable performance,you can choose the speed that you need at the set-range, and it can keep balance automatically, in addition, it has a little rate of increase in temperature and can be used efficiently and wisely .It can be used for researchers in biochemical genetic engineering or in nucleoprotein.

Max speed:             16000r/min (digital display)
Capacity:                1.5ml×12, or 0.5ml×12, or 5mlx6 Angle Rotor
Max.rcf:                 17800xg
Timer Range:         1~99min
Noise:                     ≤70dB
Power Supply:        220V 50Hz
Dimensions:           280mm×320mm×260mm(L×W×H)
Weight:                   10kg

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