SHZ-88 Shaking Water Bath

Shz-88 Laboratory Thermostatic Shaking Water Bath

Product Description
The constant temperature shaker is also called as constant temperature swing bed. The temperature control of this serial product adopts integrated operational amplifier and LED display, which has high accuracy to control temperature, easily adjustable, correct and direct values to be displayed. superior and reliable functions.

The serial product is suitable for production and scientific research department such as environmental protection, medical treatment, teaching and studying, sanitary and epidemic prevention, pharmaceutical inspection, zoology and botany, ocean science, foodstuff engineering, etc. It is special constant temperature equipment with oscillating for BOD measurement of water body analysis; for cultivation, virus, mold, and microbe, for plantation of plants and breeding test.

SHZ-88 Water Bath Thermostatic Oscillator

1. Power source: 220V 110V 60Hz 50Hz.
2. Range of temperature controlled:  0-100 celsius
3. Rotary speed: 30-360rpm.
4. Timing:  0-120 minutes.
5. Oscillation amplitude: 20mm.
6. Net capacity of the working room:  L400X W320xH220mm.
7. Working load: 12 Kg.
8. Working method: Continuous.


Power source: 220V 110V 60Hz 50Hz.
Range of temperature controlled: 0-100 celsius
Rotary speed: 30-360rpm.
Timing: 0-120 minutes.
Oscillation amplitude: 20mm.
Net capacity of the working room: L400X W320xH220mm.
Working load: 12 Kg.
Working method: Continuous.

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