SH120-II-Mini Microhematocrit Centrifuge

Microhematocrit Centrifuge is used for accurate determination of blood cell and also for precipitation and separation of little amount blood and solution. Take a little amount of blood,(you can use the blood of ear-lap which is convenient to get) which can be centrifuged in a very short time. It has the merits such as high work efficiency, integrated design and high accuracy.

1. Principle of operation
Put capillary pipe with a sample that can be balanced into an angle rotor symmetrically, the rotor will spin on axis after you start the machine, and the relative centrifuge force (RCF) comes into being while rotating, it begins to centrifuging solution.

2. Using conditions
2.1 Ambient temperature: 0~30℃
2.2 Relative moisture: <80%
2.3 No electroconductive dust, explosive and corrosive gas in the surrounding air.

3. Specifications
Power supply: 2200V 60Hz
Max speed: 13500r/min
Capability: 24tubes, Φ1.5mm×75mm (24pcs capillary pipe)
Starting time: <1min
Braking time: <2min
Time range: 0~30min (Forbid continuous use)
Type of rotor: swing-out type
Outer Dimension: 300(L) ×260(W)×200(H)mm
Regulation: Step (11000r/min, 12000r/min)>

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